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Looking for a new place to live? Let us help you find your dream apartment rental and take all the hassles out of the process. Imagine finding the perfect place to live without wasting precious time, and energy. Contact The Renter Center today, We are here to help you!

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Quality Service

 Our in house staff along with top service companies provide you the best in quality workmanship, installation and top brand products.
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Management / Maintenance

The Rental Center partners with Monterey Management, Seaward Maintenance and other top companies in providing both investment property owners and renters the best customer service in Southern California.

We will treat your property like it is ours and we welcome you to our family

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Since 1975

We've been helping families and individuals find quality apartments, condos and homes for over 43 years. Our goal is to make our clients very happy with their new home, as well as make the entire searching and moving in process seamless and enjoyable.

Stay tuned as we are upgrading our management services to include a new robust software program, Appfolio to help our tenants and property owners stay informed and use the app for their rent transactions and maintenance requests.

A one-stop shop for all things renter, the online portal lets you do everything from pay rent online, to view and download your lease agreement, to submit maintenance requests in a safe and secure way. You will benefit from having mobile, self-service options that any modern renter expects from their property management service.

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