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Property Management

Monterey Property Management, offers the following services in management of your property. We can customize any or all of these services to meet your needs and adjust the pricing accordingly.  We also offer tenant placement service for property owners just looking to fill a vacancy! 

Tenant Relations

  • Provide 24-hour, 365 day-per-year emergency service phone line.
  • Review all current tenant applications and files.
  • We draft all lease and month-month rental agreements in house and have all approved applicant(s) sign. We also prepare lease renewals for all expired leases. Property owners and tenants are provided with copies for your records.
  • Prepare and serve violation of rules and regulations notices to tenants.
  • Prepare and serve legal notices as necessary to tenants.
  • Notify owner of all tenant complaints and maintenance requests.

Marketing and Renting of Vacant Units

  • We market all vacant units through THE RENTER CENTER. Our marketing service is open 5 days per week with a bilingual staff.
  • We design all custom newspaper and internet advertising with placement in up to 18 property rental websites, classifieds, craig’s list and more.
  • We advertise aggressively on our website and several different rental websites.
  • We use quality signs and if necessary, banners and flags.
  • We design custom flyers and brochures.
  • We interview all prospective tenants.
  • We complete verification of employment, current and prior residency, and run a credit report through Experian.
  • We obtain full/fair market rents.

Maintenance Service

  • Annual Property Inspections
  • Monthly Inspections: Applies only to multi-units. Inspection consists of:
1. Hauling large items or hazardous items left by trash area.
2. Notification of, or prepare to tow unwanted vehicles.
3. Full supervision of property support service such as pool, landscaping, etc.
4. Tenant requests that are not emergency are then checked.
(In most cases there is no charge due to the fact that we are on monthly inspection.)
  • If you require us to provide maintenance, $35.00 per hour labor for work by in-house staff. (note: 10% of subcontractor charges to cover owner liability insurance, management and coordination of all work).
  • We pass on volume discounts achieved through bulk purchases of parts and accessories.


  • We can help you update and improve your rental property to help you increase the rental value of your investment.
  • Small improvements, big improvements, whole house make-overs, and everything in-between.
  • Increase your property’s rental value, and attract the best tenants, our experts can show you how.


  • We maintain tenant files, payment records, property income and disbursement records.
  • Receive all rents made payable to you.
  • Review, process and pass on to you invoices from vendors.
  • Prepare monthly operating statements and mail to owner.
  • Provide you statements and information for your tax filing preparation.

Trust Account

  • Receive and deposit rents, review and process invoices from vendors and pay all property billings.
  • Follow-up on returned checks and provide collection service on bad debts.
  • Prepare monthly operating statements and mail to owner.
We will keep you up to date on applicable laws and regulations regarding tenant/landlord responsibilities.

*For tenant placement services, advertising a vacancy, or to find out more about our services,
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